Charlotte Olympia Dellal is a luxury shoe and accessories designer. After graduating from the prestigious LCF Cordwainer’s footwear design course, she established the Charlotte Olympia brand in 2008. Her designs are distinctively glamorous, feminine and playful, capturing the essence of Charlotte: Hollywood bombshell with a cheeky British nod.

Leopard Cat Hat by Piers Atkinson: : "All of my favourite things in one! A feline hat with a sense of fun. It could make day or night feel special, and for maximum impact I would team it head-to-toe with leopard print.".

Minnie by Sophie Beale: "I love a dramatic silhouette and this reminds me of a bygone era. I’d trust it to bring out my inner movie star or show that I mean business in a meeting. I’d pair it with a pencil skirt and matching jacket, gloves, stockings, fabulous heels and red lipstick.”

Jasmine by Benoit Missolin: "A classic and timeless hat with a playful twist. I would wear it all day, every day. Like red lipstick or great shoes, a hat can make the most simple outfit look super stylish when you don't have too much time to think about what to wear.”

Photograph: Julia Kennedy