Rebekah Roy is one of London’s top fashion stylists and creative consultants. Her blog Stylist Stuff combines a passion for adventure, fashion and travel with her personal story and a touching honesty. She is Creative Director at Candid Magazine and Fashion Director at Disorder Magazine.

PVC Beret by House of Flora:: "A beret is a classic hat and I think PVC just gives you that secret edge, you can’t help but have a bit more attitude and attitude always looks good!"

The Pink Balloon by Lara Jenson: "I think I’d like to see the world through a pink balloon. I might look a bit strange and even feel a bit self-conscious, and I’m not sure how people would react to me but once I got past that, I think everything would somehow just be different. Everything would look more magical, maybe even alien and I’d be happy.”

Kitty Beanie by Piers Atkinson: "I don’t like being cold in the winter and a beanie is the essential winter hat, it won’t get blown off in the wind and if you’re too hot in the tube you can just take it off. Plus, I like anything with little ears. Hats should make you happy.”